Toy Car Road Stencil Kit (Set of 10)


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Give your child’s imagination wings with limitless roads for toy cars.

OK, limitless may not be the right term as it will be limited by the space you have available, be it a garage floor, table top or large board, this stencil kit will do it all.

Use the stencils over and over, until you complete your whole design and then keep them for further expansion of your little village to a town and later even a city!

Scaled to be used with the popular Hot Wheels and any other similar sized cars, which are available at toy shops etc. (Toy car size about 75mm long by 30mm wide)

Use the stencils to lay out the streets in any outlay that will work for you and dab the lines with yellow on the side of the streets and white for the rest, just like real roads.  The stencils can also be used to mark the actual tarred surface on your floor or board by simply drawing around the outer edge of the stencil and painting the surface black or dark grey before doing the lines.

This is only the start, let your child’s imagination think up designs for houses, shopping centres or anything they can come up with.  With a bit of imagination, you can use the parking bay stencils to draw whole parking lots.

The set consists of 10 stencils and include stop street, 4 way stop, 3 way stop, yield intersection and 4 way and 3 way traffic circles.

Ample parking spaces, both sides of the street or only one side, ensures that no toy car needs to double park.

Please look at the diagram images to see some of the possibilities.

Dixi Online in-house designed and laser cut from 500 micron plastic and resistant to all water based paints.



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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 60 mm


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